I studied computational engineering science at the Technical University Berlin. After that, I went on as a PhD student in the department of automation technology of the same university. My research comprised several exciting topics, the general scope can be summarized as computer vision and robotics.

In computer vision I mainly investigated object detection and pose estimation methods, which ultimately allow a robot to identify the objects in its environment and interact with them. I also dedicated a lot of time thinking about service-oriented architectures for vision systems. They should be able to exploit cloud computing advantages while keeping up with the constraint of short cycle times in production environments. These architectures are not necessarily unique to vision systems and together with my colleagues we strived to split up industrial robotic systems into a set of loosely coupled services that are ideally multi-purpose to be reused in other systems or applications.

This page shall give a very rough overview of some more specific topics. I will continue to add topics, there are some that I have not yet written down and hopefully I can take part in new research projects in the future. If any of this is interesting to you, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to answer your questions or send you the papers.


List of Publications

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