What we could previously observe only in Asian countries will soon be normality here as well: face masks.

2020-04-29 - mask.jpg

It is discussed controversially here in Germany, but finally they decided that from now on it is required to wear something over mouth and nose when using public transport. Yes, something. Could be a scarf or whatever you like. The reason is simple: there are not enough masks. Everybody sews their own masks.

So my room mate got us some self-made face masks, and today I had my first experience wearing one when I went for groceries. What was it like?

  • surprisingly unspectacular - no weird looks, no comments or anything (which is good, as it shows the people's acceptance)
  • relatively warm - I only had it on for about an hour and it got damp and clammy, not just because of my breath but also because I was sweating underneath, and summer is still to come
  • blurry - my glasses were steaming up, so occasionally I did not see very much (I guess I can optimize the way I put on the mask to reduce this issue, but that will be duty of future me)

Better get used to it.

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